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Why Should You Buy a Private Jet?

Why Should You Buy a Private Jet?

 *Omni Aircraft Sales advises all clients to discuss tax liabilities and benefits with their respective tax professional.

As the demand for private aviation soars, you may wonder if the time is right to buy a private jet. Owning an aircraft has many advantages. You can travel in comfort, style and privacy to thousands of locations on short notice.  Additionally, personalize your experience by selecting the plane that suits your unique travel needs and is accessible at all times.

Many prospective buyers begin their journey in private aviation with charter for personal or business travel. As their travel needs increase, ownership becomes an attractive option. If you are flying more than 200 hours per year, an aircraft could be a wise investment. A private jet will offer you the freedom you need to grow your success and maximize your time.

Buy a Private Jet for Accessibility  

Private aircraft owners have accessibility that is unmatched by other travel options. Need to travel to a remote location without adequate access to commercial airline service? Surprise birthday trip or last minute business deal? The need to be somewhere urgently is a familiar feeling to us all. A private jet removes limitations from your personal or business life.

Effortless and efficient travel on your schedule is possible when you own your own jet. Long lines, layovers and limited flight options become a thing of the past with private travel. Instead, flying is a luxury experience that makes every moment count.

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Buy a Private Jet to Maximize Your Ownership Opportunities
Savvy jet owners look for ways to maximize the investment of airplane ownership. Chartering your plane when not in use can help you offset the fixed costs of aircraft ownership. An aircraft management company like Omni Air Transport helps you optimize aircraft utilization while safeguarding your travel needs. In addition to overseeing the charter program, Omni Air Transport offers an extensive portfolio of services to help you maintain your plane and ensure that your aircraft and crew are up to date with applicable regulations.

There are also considerable tax benefits to aircraft ownership. If you plan to use your jet primarily for business, there are some tax deductions that can offset your initial capital investment.  An aviation tax consultant can help you determine what strategies may be available to you and your aircraft.

Buy Private Jet for Privacy and Confidentiality

If you travel frequently, you likely work on the plane. A private plane allows you to work on confidential projects, converse with colleagues or view sensitive information without the risk of someone seeing over your shoulder or listening to your conversation.

Your aircraft can serve as a mobile office or meeting space. Broker deals, meet with clients or prepare for an important presentation. Today’s jets are equipped with Wi-Fi and the communication tools to collaborate with a coworker in the seat next to you or on the ground.

Even if you simply plan to relax and unwind, a private jet offers peace and quiet. You are free to rest and recover without interruption. Sleeping on your own plane while going somewhere might be some of the best sleep you ever have.

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Your Partner in Aircraft Acquisition

Purchasing an aircraft is an exciting opportunity. Whether you plan to fly for business or pleasure, record-low interest rates and increasing demand for charter flights make it an excellent time to consider acquisition.

At Omni Aircraft Sales, we bring nearly 40 years of experience and knowledge of the global market to each transaction. We want to help you buy or sell a jet with confidence. Our Needs Assessment will identify the type of  aircraft that will best serve your travel plans and allow you to hone in on acquisition targets.

Inspections are a critical component of acquisition and our team is dedicated to satisfying manufacturer-required inspections in an effort to reduce going-in maintenance costs. With our transparent process, you will be fully informed every step of the way. Take control of your travel with an experienced partner on your side .

Many of our clients continue to partner with us for aircraft management through our sister companies, Omni Air Transport and Omni Aircraft Maintenance.  Our portfolio of acquisition, management and maintenance services allows you to maximize your travel experience while reducing your cost of ownership.

Ready to take the next step? Check out our guide to Buying or Selling a Business or Private Jet or call us anytime at (918)-836-4050

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