Mallory Cantrell | January 21, 2021

Maximize the Investment of Airplane Ownership

In today’s modern world, time is the new currency. If you are someone who travels frequently, there is no better way to save time than by flying in your own private plane. Owning your own jet also offers flexibility, comfort, privacy and control over your travel experience. It is the doorway to a more efficient use of your time. It is the beginning of a more efficient you.

Like any investment, there are important financial considerations. A team of experienced professionals can help guide you through the acquisition process and ownership of your plane. Depending on your circumstances, an aircraft broker, CPA, aircraft management company, banker and an aviation attorney can prove to be valuable resources. These specialized professionals can thoroughly analyze countless decisions and their ramifications. Ultimately this team will look for ways to reduce your cost of ownership and advocate for your best interests.

Let us take a look at how a smart acquisition strategy, charter revenue and aircraft management service can help you maximize your investment and enjoy the unmatched freedom aircraft ownership provides.


Maximize Your Investment With a Smart Acquisition Strategy

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It comes as no surprise that the aircraft acquisition process is the first and the most important component of airplane ownership. While this process may seem straightforward, it is important to think long-term about your goals as an owner and the financial implications of the individual aircraft you choose. For example, the purchase price of the aircraft must be carefully weighed against the repair and maintenance costs. Tax considerations and other ancillary costs must also be evaluated.

An experienced broker will complete a needs assessment to help narrow your search. The assessment will take into account your target budget, operating cost, annual fixed cost, travel range, passenger loads and schedule. At Omni, we leverage our extensive network and off-market resources to find the perfect match.

Next, a broker will help set your target acquisition price, submit the formal offer and facilitate negotiations. A savvy broker, like one from the Omni Aircraft Sales team, is vital to the negotiation and inspection process.

Our pre-buy inspection ensures that all major repairs are covered at the seller’s expense. We also coordinate inspection schedules, scope and cost with the appropriate maintenance facility. With our inspection team in your corner, you can save time and money while also ensuring your aircraft is compliant with all relevant regulations and safe to fly.

Learn more about the acquisition process here.


Charter Revenue Can Reduce Aircraft Ownership Costs

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Charter is an excellent opportunity to offset the fixed costs of aircraft ownership. If you plan to charter your aircraft, share your plans with your aircraft broker. They can help guide you to a plane that will meet your needs and be an attractive option for those seeking to charter.

An aircraft management company like Omni Air Transport is the best way to reduce ownership costs while maximizing the use of your jet. The aircraft management team will oversee optimum aircraft utilization while safeguarding your travel needs. With Omni’s extensive portfolio of services, charters are a breeze. Omni can oversee the charter administration, plane maintenance and the regulatory compliance of your aircraft and crew.

Whether you or your charter guests are onboard your aircraft, you want every flight to be a safe one. Omni is proud to be a Wyvern Wingman Certified Operator. This designation lets your charter guests know you prioritize safety. Wingman Certified Operators pass rigorous safety audits and onsite assessments to maintain one of the highest safety credentials in private charter operations.

If you intend to charter your plane, the careful management of your safety and regulatory compliance is especially important since flight time often dictates inspection and maintenance intervals.


Managing the Cost of Pilots & Flight Crews

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Managing the cost of your flight crew is an important component of aircraft management. An aircraft management company, like Omni Air Transport, can help outline a staffing strategy based on your operational needs. The management team will ensure that aircraft crew members are experienced, qualified and ready to fly.

Like most businesses, turnover can be expensive. Replacing a pilot, for example, can cost as much as 200 percent of their salary. Most jets employ a two-person crew who can fly about 350 hours per year. Pilots and flight attendants alike also have equipment-specific training, certifications and continuing education that must be up to date.

Leaving the management of your crew to the experts at Omni can save you significant time while potentially reducing your operating expenses. For instance, the differential between hiring additional crew members or utilizing replacement crew members at a higher daily rate can result in tremendous savings over time. An aircraft management company will see that decisions like this one are customized to your operational goals and budgets.

Your management team will also ensure that both you and your charter guests receive unmatched service and an elevated experience every time you fly. Leave the details to Omni so you can focus on your destination.


Where Will Ownership Take You?

Now, perhaps more than ever, is an excellent time to take control of your travel. Record-low interest rates and low fuel costs make aircraft ownership an attractive option for frequent travelers. When you partner with Omni, you can leverage our portfolio of acquisition and management services to reduce your cost of ownership and maximize your travel experience. Our team of experienced professionals will evaluate your needs to find the aircraft that will serve you for years to come.

Learn more about the long-term benefits of aircraft ownership by calling (918) 836-4050.

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