Empowering your journey since 1983.

To us, buying or selling an airplane is more than a transaction – it’s a partnership. With over 40 years of experience and global knowledge of the market, we are committed to supporting you before, during and after the sale of your aircraft. Get the most from your ownership experience with a trusted partner by your side.

Experienced. Knowledgeable. Responsive. Client Focused.

“With our sister company’s over 40 years as a private jet owner/operator and our in-house aircraft maintenance, no one brings you a better understanding of the executive jet marketplace.”

– Dan Burnstein, Omni Aircraft Sales Chairman

Our capabilities

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide expert guidance and engage in transparent partnerships to create a seamless customer experience throughout complex aviation transactions.

Our vision is to be a highly respected, internationally recognized aircraft sales leader known for our integrity, transparency, and cool socks.

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All brokers value aircraft. We value honesty, integrity and transparency, too.

Client Focused

Autopilot is reserved for flying. We take action to exceed client expectations of our expertise, communication, deliverables and return on investment.

Owner Mindset

We treat your aircraft as if it were our own. We are your strongest ally and greatest advocate in every transaction.

  • Over 40 years of experience
  • International transaction experience
  • International Aircraft Dealer Association (IADA) certified dealer
  • Multiple IADA certified brokers
  • Team of 10+ experts involved in every transaction
  • Large support infrastructure with boutique-style services
  • Director of maintenance heavily involved in each transaction for value-added oversight
  • Dedicated in-house research team
  • In-house, full-service marketing team
  • 24/7 sales support & responsiveness
  • Detailed weekly updates to aircraft owner (sample available)
  • Refurbishment recommendations provided prior to listing to aid in top-dollar sale
  • Every plane is strictly detailed and staged before every showing/demo
  • Ability to inventory airplanes for quick sale and smooth transition
  • Above bar client satisfaction (references available)
  • WOW factor for your aircraft (call to discuss)

Our Team

Dan Burnstein
Dan Burnstein Chairman
Aviation experience 30+ years
Top 3 hobbies Spending time with my dogs, watching movies and dinners with friends
Resident of Tulsa, OK
Favorite historical aircraft Douglas DC-3
#1 piece of aviation advice? Don’t go into aviation lightly. It takes a lot of skills and a lot of dedication to our industry. It’s hard work but very rewarding.
Inspirations Our clients. I aim to please them and exceed their expectations.
Mike Skow President & CEO
Aviation experience 24 years
Top 3 hobbies Gardening, cooking and golfing
Resident of Broken Arrow, OK
Favorite historical aircraft Learjet 35
#1 piece of aviation advice? You get what you pay for!
Inspirations To provide for my family but maintain a balance such that I can spend quality time with them.
Ron Smith Vice President of Sales
Aviation experience 25 years
Top 3 hobbies Making our grandchildren laugh, giving back whenever I can and being an avid adventure motorcycle enthusiast
Resident of Woodstock, GA
Favorite historical aircraft P-51 Mustang
#1 piece of aviation advice? Be honest, stay humble and don’t cut corners.
Inspirations Making others smile and doing what I can to make a positive difference every day.
Mallory Cantrell Director of Marketing
Aviation experience 6 years
Top 3 hobbies Travel, reading and eating potatoes
Resident of Claremore, OK
Favorite historical aircraft Aladdin’s Magic Carpet
#1 piece of aviation advice? Hiring a broker who doesn’t exude honesty, integrity and transparency is comparable to jumping in a “Free Puppies” van. It’s not a ride you want to take.
Inspirations Creativity, nature, new experiences and Disney Magic.
Jeff Lane Director of Operations
Aviation experience 37+ years
Top 3 hobbies Classic cars
Resident of Broken Arrow, OK
Favorite historical aircraft Classic warbirds
#1 piece of aviation advice? It is said that two wrongs do not make a right, but two Wrights do make an aeroplane.
Inspirations My kids.
Lori Escalanta Director of Finance
Aviation experience 2.5 years
Top 3 hobbies Fitness activities, camping and gardening
Resident of Oologah, OK
Favorite historical aircraft Snoopy’s Sopwith Camel
#1 piece of aviation advice? As an individual, surround yourself with people who are smarter than you are, and draw from their expertise. As an industry, aviation has a similar opportunity to learn from its peers - for example, in embracing technology and digitalization. I think we should never stop learning.
Inspirations Finding ways to solve problems or overcome obstacles, and coaching others to help them do the same. It is a great feeling to see someone grow in their capabilities and their confidence.
Tony Lawyer Director of Maintenance
Aviation experience 23 years
Top 3 hobbies Collecting watches and knives, college football and Nascar
Resident of Owasso, OK
Favorite historical aircraft Beech 18
#1 piece of aviation advice? Think of each aircraft you work on as your own.
Inspirations Learning new things, which in aviation, happens every day.
James Norris Regional Sales Associate
Aviation experience 10 years
Top 3 hobbies Camping, hunting and golf
Resident of Collinsville, OK
Favorite historical aircraft Boeing 747
#1 piece of aviation advice? Always be transparent in your business and work hard to create lasting relationships with your peers and clients in the industry.
Inspirations New challenges. Challenges can help push you beyond limits you may think you are not capable of. It provides a new opportunity to learn, grow and improve yourself.
Colin Reilly Regional Sales Associate
Aviation experience 3 years
Top 3 hobbies Golfing, working out and attending Atlanta Braves baseball games
Resident of Atlanta, GA
Favorite historical aircraft Space shuttle orbiter
#1 piece of aviation advice? Constantly networking. Creating a respected and valuable professional reputation will pay dividends.
Inspirations My father's dedication to both aviation and entrepreneurship serves as a source of inspiration for me, as it showcases the importance of following one's passions and pursuing them with commitment and ambition, ultimately leading to a fulfilling life and becoming a valuable man.
John Bell Research Analyst
Aviation experience 10 years
Top 3 hobbies Playing music, hiking, camping and hanging out with friends
Resident of Charlotte, NC
Favorite historical aircraft The Spruce Goose
#1 piece of aviation advice? Networking is everything. It’s a large industry with a tight-knit community.
Inspirations My wife and two sons.
Jake Schaffitzel Research Analyst
Aviation experience 5 Years
Top 3 hobbies Fishing, Golfing, Snow/water skiing
Resident of Tulsa, Oklahoma
Favorite historical aircraft The P-51 Mustang
#1 piece of aviation advice? Use all available resources
Inspirations Continued learning. I truly believe there is something new to learn every day. The more we collaborate, the more we can learn. The more we learn, the further we can advance and improve technology and processes.