Aiming higher since 1983.

At Omni Aircraft Sales, we treat every aircraft transaction like it’s our own. That mentality permeates our culture – guiding our interactions with our clients, our colleagues and our community. We always strive to go the extra mile even if the road is longer and more challenging.

There is no innovation without diversity and no teamwork without inclusion.

When everyone feels welcome and supported, innovation can thrive. We are committed to providing our team with a diverse and inclusive work environment that encourages creativity and individuality. We value the unique perspectives and experiences of each one of our team members. By working together, by listening and engaging with each other and by demonstrating respect, we are able to better serve our clients and help them get the most from their aircraft transaction.

Impacting future generations and aviation leaders through service.

Aviation requires teamwork and collaboration. Pilots, maintenance professionals, ground crew and air traffic controllers must all work together to make safe flight possible. Our communities need support to thrive as well.

At Omni, we partner with a wide variety of organizations to further the important work of the nonprofits and professional organizations in our communities. We are honored to amplify their efforts through fundraising, volunteer and sponsorship opportunities. We also support individual organizations such as Women in Aviation and Street School.