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Selling Your Aircraft With Omni Aircraft Sales

Selling Your Aircraft With Omni Aircraft Sales

Selling an aircraft can be a bit intimidating, even for aviation aficionados. You’ll need to market your jet, supply the appropriate maintenance documentation and negotiate the terms of the sale. Plus, you want to feel confident you’re getting a fair price for your aircraft and not leaving money on the table


Fortunately, the team at Omni Aircraft Sales is here to help. With nearly 40 years in the aviation industry, we have the experience and the expertise to give you the edge as you negotiate the sale of your personal aircraft or business jet. Our proven process provides a framework for a successful sale. 


Pricing Strategy 

First, we work with you to determine an agreed-upon asking price for the aircraft. We will look at the aircraft’s hours, maintenance history and cabin interior. Additionally, we will evaluate the aircraft to assess whether detail work, refurbishment or preventive maintenance will boost your plane’s marketability. 


Our team will notify you of our recommendations so you can determine what action you would like to take. 


A well-researched pricing strategy will serve you well. At Omni Aircraft Sales, we have a full-time research department dedicated to analyzing the conditions of the market. Each aircraft market can fluctuate from month to month and your relative value can be affected.


It’s important to price your plane judiciously. Overvaluing your plane can quickly backfire. Serious buyers won’t even consider your aircraft if they think it is too far outside of what the market is dictating.  


Listing Presentation

Presentation is everything. Showcase your aircraft’s features with professional photographs. Lighting, angles and quality photography equipment will ensure that your plane looks fantastic. Our photography team pays attention to the details – covering windows for interior shots and placing your plane in a clutter free setting for exterior shots.


Excellent photographs helps your plane make an excellent first impression. We also produce detailed specification sheets to highlight your aircraft’s equipment and capabilities. Our spec sheets are clear, concise and easy to read. We give potential buyers all the information they need to assess your aircraft. 


Marketing Plan 

We create a marketing plan specifically for you. We determine what industry publications, aviation sales websites, print media and broadcasts will be most effective. 


We create professional marketing collateral that catches the attention of qualified buyers. 


Inquiry Response
All of the marketing materials, photographs and publications mean nothing if potential buyers are not able to get in touch with your broker. Eager buyers will simply move down their list to the next aircraft.


That’s why we take great pride in responding to clients promptly. We are available 7 days a week via email, phone or text. We are ready to answer any questions or schedule a showing. 


If a potential buyer is on the fence, a great showing can push them over the edge to begin negotiations. At Omni Aircraft Sales, we take great pride in our presentation capabilities. First, we detail the plane to make sure it looks fantastic. Then, we move it to the best location available for showing. We power the plane on so that all of the avionics are displayed. Our professional setting helps your aircraft make a memorable impression.


Typically, showings take place at the home base of the plane. If the plane is to be shown elsewhere, it will require your approval. We will use our discretion to suggest any off-site showings. 



Negotiations can be a tense time for both buyers and sellers, but they don’t have to be. With your Omni Aircraft Sales broker by your side, you’ll have all of the market intelligence you’ll need to make fully informed decisions. 


We leverage our years of experience and market knowledge to maximize the sale price of your plane. We put your interests first and sell your plane as if it is our own asset.



The contract phase begins with a letter of intent and progresses through an Aircraft Purchase Agreement. Omni Aircraft Sales’ President & CEO, Mike Skow, handles this portion of the sales process.


We’ve perfected our aircraft purchase agreement template by buying and selling aircraft for our charter fleet and personal use over the years. We operate a charter service through our sister company Omni Air Transport


Of course, if you prefer to include your attorney with contract negotiations, we are happy to oblige. 


Pre-Buy Inspections 

We will negotiate fair terms for the pre-purchase inspection to ensure you are represented fairly. We always recommend our clients have someone on their team onsite or close at hand during the inspection process. 


Our Director of Maintenance, Caleb Benner, will be your representative. He has decades of experience in aircraft maintenance. Caleb is a fierce negotiator and works hard to protect your interests during the pre-buy inspection. 



As the old saying goes – It’s not over till it’s over. We keep our eye on the ball until all of the paperwork is complete. 


We work with the title company and coordinate with all parties to maximize your return, prepare the appropriate paperwork and documentation and arrange delivery of the aircraft. 


Omni Aircraft Sales
As you can see, we’ve developed a process to set you up for success and avoid roadblocks. Our experienced team will give you an advantage as you market your aircraft, negotiate the terms of sale and work through pre-buy inspections. 


We treat your plane as one of our own and always fight for your best interests. We are passionate about aviation and helping our customers in the industry. 


Are you interested in selling or trading your aircraft? Get started by contacting us today. 

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