Mallory Libex | February 26, 2021

Dear Omni: How do I know I didn’t sell too cheap?

Dear Omni: How do I know I didn’t sell too cheap?

Dear Omni: I recently sold my aircraft, and I don’t know if I left money on the table. I was able to sell quickly and didn’t have to negotiate price back and forth too many times. Is there a way to make sure I got the most for my aircraft?


Dear “Cash”:

That is a big concern among sellers when everything seems to have gone smoothly. Nobody wants to feel taken advantage of or feel like they should have held out. Here are some questions to ask before you sell.

  •  Is your broker properly aware of the market intelligence?
  • Does your broker utilize a full-time research department, or are they just looking at what their competition is asking?
  • Will you receive regular updates on the conditions of the market? Each aircraft market can fluctuate month to month,
    and your relative value can be affected.
  • Do the prices set forth have detailed explanations?

Something that we typically do during a transaction is an “equalization” report. This juxtaposes your aircraft against the nearest on market competitors as well as the most comparable recently sold aircraft. We adjust the relative values of paint, interior, equipment, programs, and any other value changing components to show you exactly how your aircraft stacks up. In the end, the best way to avoid leaving money on the table is to arm yourself with the best information.

If you think you are ready to sell, let us help you find the best solution to market your aircraft and find your ideal buyer.

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