January 11, 2022
Market Reports

Learjet 45XR Market Report

Buyers are lined up!

At this time last year, the Learjet 45XR market had a decent amount of quality inventory to choose from. However, this is not so true today. Starting in Q4 of 2020, buying activity exploded! Over the past 12 months, inventory numbers are down by 68% and the search for some buyers has reached a dead end. Notwithstanding the lack of inventory, there are still aircraft changing hands if you know where to look and employ a professional broker. The successful buyers in today’s market are most certainly represented by a professional.

If you are a buyer who has been on the sidelines in a desperate search for the perfect aircraft, you should consult with Omni Aircraft Sales. Further hesitation may cause you to miss out on your next Learjet 45XR when it reaches the market. Omni Aircraft Sales has the experience and team in place to assist buyers and sellers in their next Learjet 45XR transaction.

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