July 5, 2022
Market Reports

Gulfstream G200 Market Report

Positive Movement for the Gulfstream G200!

Across the board, the Gulfstream G200 market is full of activity. From the number of aircraft for sale to the average asking price, all trends point to a positive outlook for the G200 market. A year ago, this was a more balanced market with 18 aircraft for sale, but today the market participants have decreased to just 11 aircraft. This large decrease has eased a bit from just 4 aircraft for sale a few months ago. The average asking price is up over 51% and the average days on the market has fallen sharply over the last 12 months to just 41 days.

If you are a buyer or seller in the Gulfstream G200 market, rest assured there is no yield sign in your future. As more inventory enters the market, your next aircraft is just around the corner. Omni Aircraft Sales has the team in place to capitalize on all this activity in the Gulfstream G200 market!

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