January 4, 2022
Market Reports

Global 6000 Market Report

Buyers Lined UP!

The Global 6000 has been the workhorse for global explorers for more than a decade. With inventory in tight supply in most pre-owned aircraft markets, new buyers might be surprised at this, “name your price” sellers’ market. The number of aircraft for sale has dropped significantly in the last 12 months resulting in an average of 12 aircraft currently for sale, most of which are located outside the U.S. This drop in inventory is causing the average ask price to increase by 33% since this time last year.

As global economic activity ramps back up, look for the Global 6000 to continue its dominance as the need for world travel intensifies. The Global 6000 will continue to be in high demand for many years to come. Omni Aircraft Sales stands ready to assist both buyers and sellers in their next Global 6000 transaction.

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