Mallory Cantrell | August 21, 2023

What Does the Aircraft Brokerage Process Look Like?

Selling an aircraft can be very lucrative for any owner, but it can also be quite stressful. Even experienced aircraft owners and aviation aficionados can have difficulty. It helps to have the best aircraft brokerage company in your corner to help you through the sales process.

Omni Aircraft Sales has more than 40 years of experience helping owners get the most from their aircraft sales. Whether someone owns a large fleet or just a single plane, Omni Aircraft Sales always works to ensure that the aircraft brokerage process meets all of our client’s needs.

Anyone looking to sell an aircraft should first get a good idea of what the aircraft brokerage process looks like. Read on to learn about the steps in our comprehensive process and how our dedication and expertise can help you get the most from your aircraft sale.

Determining Pricing

The first step in our brokerage process is to evaluate the value of the aircraft. We have an outstanding internal research team with extensive knowledge of aircraft markets and values. We utilize their expertise to help determine the value of an aircraft.

We personally perform thorough inspections on all aircraft to identify any potential flaws, mechanical issues, detailing problems, or other factors that may negatively impact the value. We bring any such issues to the seller’s attention before placing the aircraft on the market. It can sometimes be worth spending a small percentage of the value of the aircraft to bring about a higher sale price.

Listing Presentations and Marketing Plans

Good marketing for an aircraft requires exceptional listing presentations. Not only do our listing presentations include detailed, high-quality specification sheets, but they also include professional photography and video designed to show the aircraft in the best possible light.

We tailor a marketing plan to maximize visibility and offers on the aircraft. Thanks to our decades of experience in aircraft sales and entrenched market presence, we can craft a marketing plan that includes all major aviation sales websites, broadcasts, print media, and other media to reach all potential buyers.

Aircraft Showing

The showing is arguably the most important part of the aircraft brokerage process. At Omni Aircraft Sales, we go above and beyond to make all our aircraft showings as eye-catching as possible. This includes a rigorous 30-item checklist before all showings, as well as thorough maintenance, detailing, and engaging displays. The aircraft is always detailed, strategically placed in a stunning showroom-type setting, and is powered on with cabin lights, cockpit lights, sound system playing, and avionics displayed. A sales director will be on-site to help answer questions and provide more information about the aircraft.

Contract Negotiations

Brokerage companies need to have experienced negotiators on their team. When you sell your aircraft with Omni Aircraft Sales, you can be sure that we will enter all sales negotiations with one goal in mind: getting you the best possible return on your investment. For us, our top goal is to get you top dollar for your aircraft. These negotiations include both the contract itself and any pre-buy inspections a potential buyer may request.


Omni Aircraft Sales closes each sale by coordinating with all relevant parties. The Omni Aircraft Sales Leadership team personally oversees every single aircraft sale closing, no matter the client, the aircraft, or the amount of money involved.

Getting the Most for Your Aircraft with Omni Aircraft Sales

The aircraft brokerage process is much easier if you have the best partner in your corner. With more than four decades of experience in aircraft brokerage and acquisition, Omni Aircraft Sales has the expertise, industry connections, and dedication you need to get the best price for your aircraft. If you have an aircraft you would like to sell, but are hesitant about the aircraft brokerage process, get in touch with Omni Aircraft Sales today!

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