Mallory Cantrell | August 7, 2023

What Does the Aircraft Acquisition Process Look Like?

Whether someone is an aircraft owner or purchasing their first aircraft, we delight in the excitement that always comes when a client finds the aircraft of their dreams.

Still, the aircraft acquisition process can be daunting, even for experienced buyers. So much goes into finding and acquiring the perfect aircraft that anyone can quickly get overwhelmed.

Fortunately, we at Omni Aircraft Sales have the experience and expertise to make the aircraft acquisition process as stress-free as possible. Take a look at what the acquisition process looks like when purchasing an aircraft with us. Understanding the individual steps in the process can go a long way to clearing up any uncertainty and preparing you to move forward! Plus, Omni Aircraft Sales has over 40 years of experience at hand to make the process go even smoother.

Needs and Budget Assessment

Before anyone can go ahead with an aircraft purchase, it’s a good idea for their sales partners to get a clear picture of both their specific needs and their budget. When assessing your needs, we at Omni Aircraft Sales will look at factors like your available budget, your projected operating costs, your travel range, and your projected passenger loads. Using this information, we can better help you find the best aircraft for your needs.

Aircraft Search

Once we have a comprehensive picture of your budget and needs, we begin the search through all available aircraft to find the perfect one for you. Thanks to our abundant industry contacts, online search capabilities, and off-market resources, we at Omni Aircraft Sales have the resources necessary to match our clients with the best aircraft for sale. Once our clients have found the aircraft they want, we then determine optimal acquisition pricing before submitting a formal offer.


Purchase Offer

In this step, we help you determine the optimum pricing for your desired aircraft and submit formal offers, typically with a soft escrow deposit. This is where we negotiate and draft the LOI (Letter of Intent) and the APA (Aircraft Purchase Agreement).



No aircraft acquisition would be complete without a thorough inspection of the aircraft itself. We know the potential risks that our clients take when they purchase an aircraft, and as a dedicated partner, we are determined to ensure that all aircraft we assist our clients acquire to pass the most rigorous inspection. As such, we never close an aircraft to acquisition without performing a thorough pre-purchase inspection in state-of-the-art maintenance facilities.


Coordinating With Your Management Company

We coordinate with your aircraft management company to ensure a smooth escrow process. Having a great aircraft management company like Omni Air Transport makes this process even easier.



Once an aircraft has passed our pre-purchase inspection, we can then move on to the closing process. This involves depositing all relevant funds in respective escrow accounts, filing all necessary transfer of ownership paperwork with the FAA, and circulating the official closing statement.


With everything else taken care of, we can at last move on to the last (and best!) step in the aircraft acquisition process—delivery

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