Mallory Cantrell | June 15, 2023

Selling a Private Jet 101

Private jets are investments intended to save money and add more luxury to your life. You may be selling because of a change in your budget, a new job, or because you recently upgraded to a newer or larger model. Whatever the reason, read on to learn the best strategies for selling a private jet.

How to Sell an Aircraft

Selling a private jet can sometimes be a long process, so it’s essential to have realistic expectations and the right connections before you put your aircraft up for sale.


1. Find a Broker or Dealer

Start by looking for a reliable private jet brokerage company or a dealer. Brokers know what sellers are currently looking for, where to promote your jet, and how to negotiate a fair selling price. They take care of marketing, showings, contracts, and much of the pre-buying process, saving you time and money. Most brokers will take a small percentage of the selling fee, but this cost is generally worthwhile considering how long aircraft sales can take.


2. Compile All Important Information

Before you assemble a catchy sale listing, you must compile all information relevant to the sale. This includes maintenance logs, repair documents, performance specifications, upgrades including avionics, Interior and exterior refurbishment, and disclosure of any damage to the aircraft. No one will invest millions of dollars in your private jet unless they know what they’re buying. Compiling all relevant information helps facilitate a transaction with no surprises.


3. Craft a Catchy Sale Listing

Once you have the details, write a compelling listing for your aircraft that grabs people’s attention. Ensure your description shares all essential information without being too long, overly detailed, repetitive, or “salesy.” Describe its flight specs, pedigree, maintenance status, interior and exterior refurbishment details, any modifications or upgrades, and any other details you believe buyers will find appealing.

At Omni Aircraft Sales, this step is taken care of as part of your brokerage agreement.


4. Wait for Buyers

The aircraft market is massive yet slow. After you post a sale listing for your private jet, it could take months or years before buyers become interested. Factors that may impact this include the current state of the market, location, aircraft conditions, and your broker’s marketing strategy.

If you go long periods without any interest, reevaluate your listing, broker, and sale price. Buyers may not be interested due to specific conditions, or your broker may not have promoted the aircraft enough. However, it’s best not to overthink why people aren’t jumping to buy your jet. Aircraft sales take time and are often worth the wait.


5. Sell Based on the Market

Like the housing market, the aircraft market is constantly changing. The price you sell your private jet for will depend heavily on the market. For example, an aircraft worth $8 million in early 2021 may have sold for $13 million or more by the end of 2022 due to shifts in the market.

In general, your brokerage company or dealer will be aware of current market changes and be able to negotiate the best price accordingly. Work with your broker to determine the best approach and what prices you’re willing to sell for.


What to Look For When Selling a Private Jet

Pay extra attention to these factors when selling your private jet.


Private Jet Brokerage Companies

Unfortunately, aircraft brokers are not federally regulated in the United States, which means some self-proclaimed “brokers” may not have the resources to sell your private jet for a reasonable price. In place of federal regulation, many aircraft brokers are certified by the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) to ensure legitimacy.

Another way to check a broker’s legitimacy is to research them or, if possible, work with a broker who can provide a listing of testimonials from past clients and/or can provide clients willing to discuss with you their experience with the broker. Check how many transactions they’ve closed in the preceding 12 months. Reliable brokers have a proven track record of a significant number of transactions and a long list of satisfied clients.


Selling a Private Jet?

At Omni Aircraft Sales, we are IADA certified and understand the ins and outs of the aircraft market, including price changes and what buyers look for in jet models. Our team evaluates every aircraft we sell to keep sales transparent for both buyers and sellers. For the best return on investment, get in touch with us today to begin your private jet sale.

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