Sell your aircraft

A deep and intimate knowledge of the current market can be the difference between merely selling your aircraft and getting the very most from your transaction. Our expertise and proven process give you the edge at the negotiating table and beyond.

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Pricing strategy

We confirm an agreed-upon asking price for the aircraft. Next, we evaluate it for detail work, refurbishment or maintenance the plane needs for marketability. With every sale, we personally evaluate the aircraft before going to market and bring any recommendations to your attention.

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Listing presentation

We produce detailed specification sheets of the highest quality complete with professional photographs and video.

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Marketing plan

We tailor a strategy specifically for you. Our target publications and outlets include major aviation sales websites, print media and broadcasts that reach thousands of aviation professionals across the globe.

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We take great pride in responding to clients 7 days a week whether by email, phone or text. When you call, we answer.

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With the showing, you’ll see why we take great pride in our presentation capabilities. The plane will be detailed and strategically placed in a showroom-type setting. It will be powered on so that the avionics are all displayed. A showing of the plane typically takes place at the home base of the plane. If the plane is to be shown elsewhere, it will require Owner approval and will only be suggested at our discretion.

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Years of experience and knowledge of the marketplace allow our team to maximize the amount you’ll receive for the sale of your plane. That’s because we sell it as if it was our own asset. Our goal is to gain you every dollar possible for your asset. And that’s exactly why customers choose us time and again.

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We work through the letter of intent process to produce an Aircraft Purchase Agreement using a template we created after spending much time and expenses with our own aviation attorney. Of course, should you wish to have your attorney involved in the contract negotiations, we are happy to oblige.

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We will negotiate fair terms for the pre-purchase inspection to make sure you are represented fairly. Our team has decades of experience and we are fierce negotiators in protecting the seller during pre-buy.

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Our leadership team personally oversees and coordinates all closing activities.