Purchase an aircraft

Whether this is your first or your latest aircraft, finding the perfect match is an exciting venture, full of possibility. With our process and expertise working for you, you’ll feel empowered and informed to make the right decision with confidence.

01 // Acquisition

Pricing Evaluation

We confirm your target budget, operating cost, annual fixed cost, travel range, passenger loads, and schedule to create a clear path forward for the acquisition.

02 // Acquisition

Aircraft Search

We identify potential acquisition targets based on preferences and requirements through our network of industry contacts, online searches, off-market resources and other methods.

03 // Acquisition

Purchase Offer

We determine optimum acquisition pricing for identified aircraft targets and submit formal offers, typically with a soft escrow deposit.

04 // Acquisition

Pre-Buy Inspection

To us, a successful aircraft evaluation means satisfying manufacturer-required inspections in an effort to reduce going-in maintenance costs. We coordinate inspection schedules, scope and cost with the appropriate maintenance facility.

05 // Acquisition

Aircraft Acceptance

With aircraft acceptance, we ensure inspection satisfies any and all discrepancies, and also that the aircraft is in an acceptable condition to proceed to closing.

06 // Acquisition


We coordinate through escrow all required FAA filings and required documentation associated with the aircraft purchase and transfer of ownership. In addition, the closing budget is circulated and funds deposited in escrow toward closing. Finally, an insurance binder is confirmed.

07 // Acquisition


We submit a delivery receipt Letter and coordinate aircraft pick-up or delivery, depending on aircrew logistics. This, of course, follows the distribution of escrow funds and final FAA filings. In addition, we manage all engine and avionics program transfers, along with any requested ownership/operations support services.