What is Omni Air Transport’s commitment to safety?

Omni’s commitment to safety comes directly from its leadership to all employees. The company’s highest priorities are to ensure the wellbeing and safety of Omni Air Transport’s passengers, visitors and employees in the conduct of our day-to-day operations. Safety is paramount and requires thoughtful effort, as well as a conscious and continuing commitment from all of us. When it comes to safety, we are “all in.” Our leadership is committed to working alongside the entire team to ensure the safest environment we can collectively attain at Omni Air Transport. Our goal is to achieve and sustain a positive safety culture; built on high trust, constant alertness, and two-way communications where safety corrections and reporting are always encouraged. It is the core responsibility of every OAT team member to report and correct unsafe conditions. We provide the necessary tools to make superior safety decisions every day and encourage open conversation and information sharing. Furthermore, we recognize those who make significant contributions to our continued workplace safety.