In our more than 35 years in business, we have become known for safety and exceptional service.

– Less time on the ground
– No security lines
– Direct flights to destinations of your choice
– Privacy
– Customized experiences
– Catering
– Ability to choose your specific destination airport, which can get you closer to your final destination
– No lengthy layovers (some flights require quick fuel stops)
– Freedom to bring pets into the cabin
– Flexible departure times
– Free Wi-Fi
– Ability to carry more luggage at no extra cost

Omni Air Transport offers both private jet charter and a SkyPass membership. Both let you travel in complete comfort with the customized experience you expect from Omni Air Transport. SkyPass provides added value for the frequent flyer.
Private charter
– Dynamic rates based on availability
– Additional fees for fuel or other surcharges
– Aircraft dependent on availability
– No membership fees
– Higher rates
– Inclusive, fixed rates
– Only pay for the time you fly, with no hidden fees
– Fully refundable at any time
– Fleet-wide eligibility
– No membership fee

You can count on our expertise to take care of your needs. Omni Air Transport’s aircraft management services can help you optimize your investment. For aircraft acquisition services, we recommend our sister company, Omni Aircraft Sales.

Referrals are our highest compliments. As a way of saying thank you when a referral brings us a new customer, it is our pleasure to gift our referer with a $500 gift card.

We take pride in the exceptional pedigree and quality of our modern fleet. In the world of aviation, anything less than 20 years old is considered a young aircraft. Our fleet is entirely late model, with the oldest still considered very modern as a 2006 aircraft.

With more than 35 years of experience, Omni Air Transport is quite simply known for our safety and remembered for our service. With our expertise on your side, you can charter confidently, knowing that we are here to meet your needs with your safety and satisfaction as our measure of success. Our modern, Wi-Fi-equipped fleet and custom onboard experiences will ensure you arrive in comfort and style. Our accessible and responsive team is here to serve you.

The pilots monitor weather leading up to and during your trip. They will make recommendations for modified departure times or destinations based on their analysis of the weather.

When ice or snow accumulates on a plane due to inclement weather, it can impact the ability to take off safely or affect the accuracy of sensitive instruments located in the nose of the plane. We always put safety first and strictly adhere to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules and regulations. De-icing involves a solution that removes ice from the aircraft, and it does take time, usually less than 30 minutes. Inclement weather is out of all of our control. If your Omni Air Transport pilots determine your aircraft requires de-icing, it could cause a delay in your trip. The cost of de-icing a private jet is billed to the client after the trip, at cost.

We follow all Transportation Security Administration (TSA) programs. However, we do not place limitations on toiletries and you will not be asked to undergo the same security scans as commercial airlines. The pilots check IDs of all passengers.

For domestic travel, you’ll need a photo ID and for international travel you’ll need a passport.

Yes, there are no limitations to liquids as long as they aren’t hazardous.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has issued a list of items that are permitted and prohibited onboard an aircraft. Omni Air Transport is authorized to transport certain hazardous materials as defined in 14 CFR and 49 CFR. All hazardous material must be packed per the 49 CFR air transportation guidelines and proper paperwork must accompany the pre-packed hazardous item. Omni Air Transport may refuse some hazardous materials based on weight or number of items. We do not place limitations on toiletries. Further questions may be directed to the Omni Air Transport Director of Safety and Security via our 24-hour charter hotline: 918-836-3131.

Yes, clearing customs happens onboard the aircraft.

No, all Omni Air Transport aircraft and flights are non-smoking.

Omni’s commitment to safety comes directly from its leadership to all employees. The company’s highest priorities are to ensure the wellbeing and safety of Omni Air Transport’s passengers, visitors and employees in the conduct of our day-to-day operations. Safety is paramount and requires thoughtful effort, as well as a conscious and continuing commitment from all of us. When it comes to safety, we are “all in.” Our leadership is committed to working alongside the entire team to ensure the safest environment we can collectively attain at Omni Air Transport. Our goal is to achieve and sustain a positive safety culture; built on high trust, constant alertness, and two-way communications where safety corrections and reporting are always encouraged. It is the core responsibility of every OAT team member to report and correct unsafe conditions. We provide the necessary tools to make superior safety decisions every day and encourage open conversation and information sharing. Furthermore, we recognize those who make significant contributions to our continued workplace safety.

Our collection of elite safety accreditations makes us an industry leader in safety and trusted experience.

A Wyvern Wingman accreditation stands for a special focus on flight safety. As a Wingman Certified Operator, we pass rigorous safety audits and onsite assessments to meet one of the highest safety standards in private charter operations.

Our stage III certification with the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) means we operate according to the highest industry standards in aviation safety and best practices.

ARGUS Platinum is a symbol for one of aviation’s most widely respected and recognized safety accreditations. It is also one of the most difficult safety accreditations to attain. From in-depth historical analyses to on-site audits, ARGUS Platinum is just one credential that places Omni Air Transport at the forefront of aviation safety.

As a preferred domestic charter airlift service provider for the Department of Defense, we are a trusted government partner because of our safety and responsive support.

Yes, our pilots go through rigorous training similar to that of commercial airlines.

Yes, we have a dedicated Director of Safety and Security, and our safety focus is woven throughout our entire culture.

Yes, each flight has two highly trained pilots.

– 24/7 scheduling support
– A customized experience
– Ground transportation services

Everywhere. If we don’t have an appropriate aircraft for your trip range, we are able to sub-charter one.

Let our experts help you determine which aircraft from our modern fleet is best suited for your trip, based on your destination and number of passengers.

We make it easy. Simply contact us anytime, 24/7, and let us know your departure city and travel destination, your travel dates, number of passengers, and your aircraft preference (we can make recommendations). Our professional scheduling team will listen to your needs, ask about any special requests and provide you with a quote and next steps for your review.

Yes, we will do our best to accommodate your requested departure/arrival times. In some cases, weather, duty times and other obstacles may impact our ability to meet exact times, but we will work with you to determine what is best for your schedule.

Yes, we always work to arrive at your desired FBO. In some cases, runway length, weather and other factors out of our control may impact our ability to do so.

We typically complete your quote in an hour or less during normal business hours, and in 1-2 hours on weekends and evenings.

We recommend booking as early as possible to ensure availability. However, in most cases, we can be ready to fly in two hours or less.

Most of our fleet comfortably seats 6-9 passengers. This depends, however, on several factors including weight and range.

With Omni Air Transport, you’re hiring the whole aircraft, whether it is for just you (one passenger) or for your small group (typically 6-9 passengers).

We give you choices.
1.) Secure in advance with a credit card, then pay invoice by check or wire transfer.
– A credit card data and authorization form must be filled out and signed prior to departure, and an authorization number obtained. Client agrees that if payment is not received within 10 days of the invoice date, the client’s credit card will be charged for the full amount of the trip.
2.) Pay in advance, in full, by credit card.
– Client agrees to sign a credit card data and authorization form prior to departure (including positioning legs). A 4% processing fee will be added to the quoted amount for all credit cards other than American Express, which will include a 4.25% processing fee.
3.) Pay in advance, in full, by wire transfer.
– Client pays in full by wire transfer prior to departure (including positioning legs).
4.) SkyPass
– Ideal for frequent charter travelers, SkyPass is our value-added membership program that lets you pay for your charters with inclusive, fixed rates.

Our exciting SkyPass membership program is the most flexible, value-added program in the industry. It allows you to place a deposit with us for travel use within a 12-month period ensuring flat-rate fees, so you can budget and plan trips based on fixed costs. You pay only for the time you fly, with no hidden fees — and no membership fee. And as a SkyPass member, you have access to exclusive flight-time rates. It’s a smart choice for those who know they plan to charter more frequently. And should your needs change, it’s fully refundable at any time and eligible for annual rollover. Plus, our entire fleet is eligible for SkyPass members with no exclusions.

Your trip’s cost may include some or all of the following:
– Ramp and landing fees
– Fuel cost
– Segment and repositioning fees
– Crew overnights
– Catering charges
– De-icing

Examples of charges that may appear include special-order catering, ground transportation and de-icing.

Any changes in aircraft, itinerary, schedule or facility may result in a price change. You may cancel at any time, but you will be subject to a cancellation fee, based on the length of time prior to your originally scheduled departure. Omni Air Transport’s complete itinerary changes and cancellation policy is provided on every trip sheet.

Please make any passenger changes 24 hours prior to departure. We are able to accommodate passenger changes until departure time, but it may cause a delay in takeoff while we update the manifest.

Yes, you may bring pets, but please let us know in advance.

In general, you may bring as many bags as you need, but we must be notified in advance if you plan on traveling with an unusually large volume of luggage or equipment.

We provide an assortment of snacks and candy along with water, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. As we plan your trip, we welcome you to request any specific selections to make your custom experience enjoyable.

Enjoy complimentary bagels and pastries on all Tulsa, Oklahoma, departures before 10:30 am Central Time. For other meal options, we can arrange catering services for you, or you may bring your own meals/catering onboard.

We have a preferred catering vendor in most cities. We are happy to plan menus for you or to meet your special requests.

Absolutely. You may bring your own, or we are happy to coordinate catering with our preferred vendors.

Yes, complimentary Wi-Fi is available across our modern fleet.

We do not have flight attendants, but you will receive a complete safety briefing and enjoy access to an assortment of snacks and beverages during your flight.

Yes, our planners can make any arrangements you need with ground service transportation providers.

Absolutely. It’s our pleasure to help our clients plan special additions to flights for birthdays, anniversaries, sporting events and more.

No, once we have your signed confirmation and payment arrangements, you are ready to depart.

We recommend you arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled departure time. We leave when you are ready. If you plan to arrive more than a few minutes late, please call our 24/7 scheduling team so they can make necessary adjustments to the trip schedule.

If departing from Tulsa International Airport:
– Arrive at gate 57
– Use the phone box to call and let the operator know that you are here for your trip
– When the gate opens, proceed and wait for the gate to close behind your vehicle
– Look both ways before crossing the runway
– Proceed to park right next to the jet to unload your luggage and board; your Omni Air Transport crew will greet you and assist you with luggage, car parking and anything else you may need before departure
– The pilots will check IDs of all passengers and brief on safety before takeoff