Falcon 900EX Market Report – May 24th, 2022

The Three-Engine King!

Whether it’s international business travel or a short trip to a family event, the Falcon 900EX can do it all. Inventory levels have ticked up ever so slightly, in the last few months, from 3 aircraft for sale in February and March, to 4 aircraft for sale today. The average asking price for the Falcon 900EX has also crept up to $12M. With inventory levels and prices on the rise, now is the time for sellers to capitalize on this market as a reversal appears to be in progress. Buyers of the Falcon 900EX can rest assured, as we approach the mid-way point of 2022, we see the Falcon 900EX inventory levels continuing to increase. New offerings hitting the market in the next 6 months will allowing for more options.

Omni Aircraft Sales is closely monitoring trends in the Falcon market to keep our clients’ investments secure.