Every listing has a story.
Every jet has a journey.

Buy or sell with Omni Aircraft Sales.

Just like piloting an aircraft, private aircraft transactions require situational awareness. Instead of using data from instruments, the Omni Aircraft Sales team relies on intensive research processes, industry relationships and 40 years of experience and transactional knowledge. “Is the plane due for an inspection soon?” “Is that model’s airframe reliable?” 

“What is this aircraft really worth?” These are just a few of the questions our team of sales professionals asks.
The relationships we take care of today grow tomorrow’s business.
It’s how Omni Aircraft Sales has always done it.


See how Omni Aircraft Sales stacks up.

The Omni Aircraft Sales difference means we give you the tools to make the best-informed decision, knowing our team works to get you the most reliable information available.

Here are just some of the ways the Omni Aircraft Sales difference elevates your private aircraft transactions:

OAS The Other Guys
40 years’ experience ?
International Transaction Experience ?
International Aircraft Dealer Association (IADA) Certified Dealer ?
Multiple IADA certified brokers ?
Team of 10+ experts involved in every transaction ?
Large support infrastructure with boutique style services ?
Director of Maintenance heavily involved in each transaction for value added oversight ?
Dedicated Research Analyst ?
In-House Full Service Marketing Team ?
24/7 Sales Support & Responsiveness ?
Detailed weekly updates to aircraft owner (sample available) ?
Refurbishment recommendations provided prior to listing to aid in top dollar sale ?
Strictly detailed and staged planes before each showing/ demo ?
Ability to inventory airplanes for quick sale and smooth transition ?
Owner/Operator of top 1% part 91/135 company ?
Owner of aircraft maintenance company ?
Owner of aircraft management company ?
Above Bar Client Satisfaction (references available) ?
WOW Factor for your aircraft (Call to discuss) ?
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Rooted in transparency

You want to know what you are paying for. We want you to feel confident and ready to make the right decision for you.
That’s why Omni Aircraft Sales believes in full transparency for all of our clients. Our team takes you through each and every step along the purchase and acquisition process.

We make sure your every question is answered and explained in detail.
Whether you are a new client or one we’ve known for our 40+ years in private aviation, your satisfaction matters to us.