May 9, 2020
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Quarterly Market Report Learjet Aircraft – Q1 2020

The Learjet Legacy!

A passionate vision made a reality by Bill Lear in 1963, the Learjet has evolved into a sleek, yet luxurious time saving asset. For over 57 years, companies and individuals have grown on the wings of their Learjet aircraft, making the world their oyster as they speed past the competition. Following the futuristic design of the 20 series, Learjet has evolved over the decades into the Learjet 35, the 55, 60 and 45, and today to what is considered one of the best in its class, the Learjet 75 Liberty. Having over 37 years of experience with all leading Learjet models, Omni Aircraft Sales is without question the Learjet Expert.

Omni Aircraft Sales continues to monitor the Learjet markets closely. Over the last quarter, we have seen inventory levels start to tick up, which has put downward pressure on prices. Currently, over 11% of the mainline Learjet fleet are for sale, which is consistent with other aircraft in the light and mid-sized jet categories. These inventory levels, although not great, are also not insurmountable if you are a seller in this market. The buyer pool remains consistent, albeit hesitant, given the current economic situation. If the economy can find some footing and have minimal setbacks in quarter two and three, then we can look for buyers to emerge from the sidelines and become active participants again. We remain optimistic that by quarter four, we will see a reversal in inventory levels and market stabilization.

Over half a century of history and a loyal customer base position the Learjet to weather the storm and emerge a leader in our new paradigm. When we hear the word “recession” our normal response is to assume a large downturn for private jet usage. However, we have never paired “recession” with the new reality of “social distancing.” The Learjet was designed as a tool for safety, speed, comfort, convenience, and privacy. The Learjet will be a part of the solution for companies and individuals to flourish in the social distancing era. Bill Lear was a visionary of his time, but even he may not have envisioned his Learjet becoming an essential tool in the fight against a common enemy.

By Ryan Linn and James Norris

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