July 7, 2020
Market Reports

Legacy 600 Market Report

 A Gold Mine for the U.S. Market!

The Legacy 600 has been a popular Embraer offering since its launch in 2001. Since March of this year, it has appeared that the sky is falling, as the average asking prices have dropped over $100K. However, one aspect to keep in mind when studying the Legacy 600 market is that of the 10 aircraft currently for sale, only 3 are located in the United States. If you own a Legacy 600 and are US based, then your aircraft may just demand a premium if you decide to sell. How much of a premium will depend on the level of competence in the aircraft broker you hire. Buyers and sellers of the Legacy 600 know of this aircraft’s incredible potential and so will a knowledgeable broker.

Omni Aircraft Sales has a long track record of success with the Legacy 600, and we continue to monitor this ever-changing market daily. Buyers and sellers interested in learning more about the Legacy 600 should contact us immediately.

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