September 29, 2020
Market Reports

Learjet 75 Market Report

Firm Buyers Holding Their Ground!

The Learjet 75 is the aircraft that Bill Lear would be proud to have bear his name. Its sleek and futuristic look has all the swagger that Bill envisioned when he designed the original Learjet 23. The owners of this jet are proud of their aircraft, as they should be, but sellers are well-educated and expect a value when looking to purchase the Learjet 75. Over the last 12 months, the inventory numbers have moved up and down but are currently holding steady with 9 aircraft for sale. The average asking price has not been holding steady. Sellers continue to cautiously search for the sweet spot in ask price. Prices have continued downward over the last 12 months by 16%, but it feels as though a floor may have been reached.

Buyers and sellers looking to capitalize on the current Learjet 75 market should put their trust in the hands of a broker who, not only buys and sells Learjet 75’s, but also owns them. Omni Aircraft Sales is that broker. Let us help you find your next Learjet 75!

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