November 2, 2021
Market Reports

Learjet 60 Market Report

Stable Inventory, but Prices on the Rise!

A solid performer with a faithful following makes the Learjet 60 an all-around success! This proven workhorse has made the Learjet 60 one of the better buys on the market today. Over the last 12 months, the Learjet 60 market has had a drop in inventory by 7 aircraft and the average asking price has ticked up by 13%. Buyers and Sellers of the Learjet 60 should take note that this aircraft has no shortage of interested counter parties. The current average days on the market has also dropped to 317 days.

All well-represented and quality aircraft are being snatched up quickly in this market. Omni Aircraft Sales has every corner of the Learjet 60 market covered. Buyers and sellers looking for success should employ the Omni Aircraft Sales team to work for them in their next Learjet transaction.

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