December 15, 2020
Market Reports

Learjet 45 Market Report

Positive Activity!

The opportunity to purchase a high-value Learjet 45 may become increasingly difficult as we close out 2020. Over the past 12 months, the Learjet 45 market has been under increasing pressure with inventory levels rising 23% and average days on the market rising to just over a year. However, over the last two months, the inventory levels have held flat at 37 aircraft for sale. A few weeks ago, we reached a peak in inventory levels for the Learjet 45 market. Signs of pent-up travel demand are starting to emerge in other similar markets. As inventory levels start to decrease, any further hesitation from buyers will forfeit the opportunity to seize their perfect Learjet 45.

We, at Omni Aircraft Sales, have our pulse on the Learjet 45 market and are standing by to assist buyers and sellers with their next transaction.

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