November 17, 2020
Market Reports

Learjet 40XR Market Report

Learjet Experts Needed!

The Learjet 40XR has long been a gritty market for buyers and sellers. Absorption rate is closing in on a year and average asking prices have dropped by 15% over the same period. Adding all of this to the fact that inventory numbers are flat over the last 12 months, makes the Learjet 40XR a buyer’s market. Buyers and sellers should fret not as Omni Aircraft Sales has been an industry leader in the Learjet space for over 37 years! Not only have we successfully bought in this challenging market, we have also been one of the few to win at selling in this market.

If you have a personal stake in the Learjet 40XR market and are contemplating your next step, give Omni Aircraft Sales a call. Our satisfied Learjet 40 clients will tell you that Omni Aircraft Sales has the solution for your needs.

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