February 22, 2022
Market Reports

Learjet 40XR Market Report

There Will Never be a Better Time for Sellers!

In the past, the Learjet 40XR market has been one of the tougher markets for sellers, but buyers have found a new home for the Learjet 40XR as it has become a prized piece. Due to the recent buying frenzy, the absorption rate has dropped to under 2 months. Inventory numbers have fallen off a cliff in the last 3 months to ZERO aircraft currently available! This fact has opened the door to the next seller to name their price. The next seller who puts their aircraft on the market will be akin to a water salesman in the middle of the Sahara Dessert. Omni Aircraft Sales has almost 40 years of Learjet experience and can assist these new sellers in maximizing their aircraft returns.

If you have a personal stake in the Learjet 40XR market and are contemplating your next step, you should give Omni Aircraft Sales a call. Our satisfied Learjet 40XR clients will tell you that Omni Aircraft Sales has the solution for your needs.

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