September 1, 2020
Market Reports

King Air 350i Market Report

Down, but Not Out!

The past 9 months have been a tough fight for the King Air 350i pre-owned market. So far in 2020, inventory is up 33%, ask prices are down 20%, and days on the market are up 61%. It might seem as though the 350i is on the ropes in 2020, but do not count this prize fighter out just yet. The King Air 350i has a very dedicated following, and the fall buying season is just around the corner. If the market can string together a few good sold comps, look for this market to fight back harder than Rocky Balboa!

Buyers and sellers looking for the champ of the turboprops should reach out to Omni Aircraft Sales. Our dedicated team is in the corner of the King Air 350i and can assist buyers and sellers in their next King Air transaction.

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