July 20, 2021
Market Reports

Gulfstream G450 Market Report

The Ever-Popular Gulfstream G450!

The Gulfstream G450 continues to captivate the business aircraft community. It was born from the GIV, with the addition of updated avionics that allowed the aircraft to launch into the 21st century. The Gulfstream G450 market inventory has dropped by an average of 6 aircraft compared to the prior quarter, or about 17% overall. Over the past 12 months, the average days on the market has ticked up to 276 days. These numbers are not an indication of a particularly hot market, but as buyers continue to step forward, look for inventory numbers to continue their decline in the next few quarters.

In addition, as the economy continues its recovery, both buyers and sellers will need a competent broker to ensure they maximize their transaction value. Omni Aircraft Sales has the knowledge and team in place to help buyers and sellers navigate these low inventory markets!

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