November 24, 2020
Market Reports

Global 6000 Market Report

The World is Your Oyster!

For the time being, global exploration seems to be on hold due to international restrictions. However, with a vaccine on the horizon, it won’t be long until these limitations will be lifted. The ongoing restriction to global travel has dealt a blow to the pre-owned markets. Currently, the number of aircraft for sale has risen by 28% since January 1, 2020 causing the average ask price to dip significantly for the same period.

The Global 6000 towers over most of its peers and has the range and comfort to rival any competition. As economic activity starts to awaken from a deep sleep, look for the Global 6000 to rise once more as the appetite for world travel grows. Omni Aircraft Sales stands ready to assist both buyers and sellers in their next Global 6000 transaction.

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