May 26, 2020
Market Reports

Embraer Phenom 300 Market Report

A Bearish Outlook for a Bullish Performer!

The Phenom 300 spent most of the last two years in a rock-solid market but has now been taken over by the sellers. For over 24 months, the Phenom 300 had very steady inventory numbers that averaged around 17 aircraft for sale but since January these numbers have spiked. Starting in 2020, the Phenom 300 had 16 aircraft for sale but in the last few months that number has ballooned to 30 aircraft currently for sale. It doesn’t take a graduate-level economist to predict where prices go from here. We look for the average asking price and average days on the market to favor the buyers in the coming months.

Eager participants looking to get into this market will require a dedicated broker to ensure they stay on the cutting edge of market developments. Omni Aircraft Sales has your Phenom 300 transaction covered!

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