June 23, 2020
Market Reports

Citation Mustang Market Report

Private Air Travel at its Finest!

Elon Musk might be planning to successfully pioneer private space travel, but Cessna championed that journey to 41,000 feet years ago. In 2006 Cessna entered the very light jet market with the birth of the Citation Mustang. Once reserved for airliners and corporate aircraft, flight above 35,000 feet was now open to the entrepreneur who longed for freedom, privacy, and efficiency. In the last 15 years, the Citation Mustang has taken the place on FBO ramps of the once prevalent twin-engine piston aircraft. Currently, the pre-owned market for the Mustang has 42 aircraft for sale or just under 9% of the fleet. Of these 42 aircraft the average ask price has trended downward over the last few months to just over $1.5M.

Omni Aircraft Sales is primed and ready to assist individuals who value the importance of time and freedom by assisting in their next Citation Mustang transaction.

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