May 31, 2022
Market Reports

Citation CJ4 Market Report

Low Inventory, But Improving!

Anyone looking for the freedom of air travel should pay close attention to the CJ4 market. This single-pilot, go anywhere, machine holds the allure of corporate jet owners. Buyers attempting to navigate this low inventory landscape will require help from a seasoned broker if they expect to locate the right pre-owned CJ4. Just 6 months ago, this market had 6 aircraft for sale. Today, that number has increased slightly to 9 aircraft for sale or just 2.6% of the fleet. As seen in other markets, the average asking price has increased by 18% over the same period.

If you are a buyer of the CJ4, your secret weapon for finding private transportation is only a call away. If you happen to be a seller of a CJ4, your aircraft buyer is waiting on the sidelines. Omni Aircraft Sales has the team and the expertise to assist buyers and sellers in capitalizing on this tight market!

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