July 6, 2021
Market Reports

Citation CJ3 Market Report

Private Aircraft Resurgence!

Buyers and sellers are beginning to navigate the changing landscape. As travel demand surges, the small single pilot jets might see a swell in popularity.  If you are looking to avoid the crowds and lines at the airport terminals, the Citation CJ3 might be what you’re needing. 12 months ago, this was more of a buyer’s market with an average of 44 aircraft for sale, but in the most recent quarter, market participants have plummeted to an average of only 15 aircraft for sale. The average asking price is up slightly by 6% over the same period.

If you are seeking to buy a CJ3, your tool for private transportation is only a call away. If you are seeking to sell, your aircraft buyer is patiently waiting on the sidelines. Omni Aircraft Sales has both the team and the expertise to assist buyers and sellers in capitalizing on this resurgent market!

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