June 21, 2022
Market Reports

Citation CJ2 Market Report

Private Aircraft Surge Ahead!

Buyers and sellers continue to navigate the post-covid landscape. As travel demand surges, the small single-pilot jets are seeing a swell in popularity. Buyers and sellers still aim to avoid crowds and lines at airline terminals, making the CJ2 exactly what they’re looking for. Similar to other markets, this one has suffered from low inventory, but, today, inventory is showing signs of recovery with 9 aircraft for sale. The average asking price, however, remains 24.5% higher than 6 months ago.

If you are a buyer of the CJ2, your tool for private transportation is only a call away. If you happen to be a seller of the CJ2, your aircraft buyer is waiting on the sidelines. Omni Aircraft Sales has both the team and the expertise to assist both buyers and sellers capitalize on this active market!

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