October 27, 2020
Market Reports

Challenger 350 Market Report

Holding Steady!

Over six years ago, Bombardier introduced the Challenger 350. By adding and updating the avionics suite and passenger comforts, bombardier improved on the, already excellent, Challenger 300. For the first few months of 2020, the number of pre-owned aircraft for sale was a consistent average of 9 aircraft. As 2020 enters the fourth quarter, the current inventory is 6 aircraft for sale. Throughout 2020, this market has been able to achieve a reduction in inventory over other markets that have experienced the opposite. Sellers can expect to spend approximately 300 days on the market, and buyers can expect to pay $1M less than they did one year ago.

This perfect mix of market conditions should encourage buyers and sellers to reach out to a reputable and experienced broker for their next Challenger 350 transaction. Omni Aircraft Sales has the perfect mix of both experience and knowledge to help facilitate your next Challenger endeavor.

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