Mallory Libex | April 26, 2021

Who is Omni Aircraft Sales?

It’s one thing to set up a shop and start selling gadgets and gizmos. Everyone has to make a dollar. But if it is a passion and you get paid for it? There is a certain brilliance in doing what you love.

It does not feel like work, almost like you are getting away with something. That is how many of the Omni Aircraft Sales team feel when it comes to our jobs.

How It Started

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We sat down with one of our Directors of Aircraft Sales, Ryan Linn to talk about the illustrious history behind our company. Ryan has been an integral part of the history of Omni Aircraft Sales and began his  time with the Omni Aircraft Sales team over 14 years ago.  Today, as one of Omni Aircraft Sales’ veterans, Ryan handles sales, brokerage, acquisitions, market analysis, data research and special projects.

Ryan spoke about what a labor of love this career is for everyone here at Omni Aircraft Sales. This includes Dan Burnstein, Chairman of Omni Aircraft Sales, who has 10,000 flight hours and Mike Skow, President and CEO, and a former Captain with over 10 years of aircraft transactional experience on all types of aircraft all over the world. With track records like these, it’s easy to see the passion everyone brings to their jobs of selling business and personal aircraft!

Omni Aircraft Sales’ history has been a healthy, if surprising, one. When Omni Aircraft Maintenance began in 1983, it was only to service aircraft. As we grew, so too did the opportunity for aircraft sales. The common denominator was simply a love of aircraft and, to be honest, looking for a good reason to be around them more.


The Omni Sales Difference 

That passion carried over to create Omni Aircraft Sales, to create a “one-stop-shop”. But the common thread was always about our underlying passion for aircraft. As with maintenance and charter, everything, especially sales, is not simply a transactional relationship but a full commitment to partnership.

With Omni’s nearly 40 years (and counting) of experience, our team has been on both sides of transactions and in the middle. We are a team of sales professionals who love to fly! We appreciate everything about our industry because, as we said before, it just gives us a reason to be around planes more. Even the inspection process!

This passion is what sets Omni Aircraft Sales apart. Aircraft sales, maintenance and charter are all relationship-heavy businesses. We know the market and have spent considerable time and purposeful energy developing the relationships necessary for success.

If a client contacts us wanting something relatively easy to fly themself, as pilots we know that they might be looking for the relative simplicity of a King Air. If another client comes in wanting to create an impression and travel the globe, perhaps we might begin speaking about an offering from Gulfstream. As pilots, we really are happy just to be able to talk about aircraft, all types, all applications. And it’s an added bonus that we get to help other passionate flyers find the right aircraft for them.

Our Ethical Acquisition Process

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Just about anyone with a browser and internet access can find a plane. What sets our acquisition process apart is our ability to communicate professionally with all interested parties along your aircraft’s transactional path. We do not just find you an aircraft, but we ask direct questions about an individual aircraft’s avionics. We do not simply look for a plane that goes from Point A to B, but we ask pointed questions to learn about its maintenance history.

We have decades of industry contacts and off-market resources we utilize for you. We put our passion at your disposal to get the perfect aircraft for you.

At Omni Aircraft Sales, we combine this passion and ethics so you can feel confident in your next aircraft transaction. With our IADA (International Aircraft Dealers Association) certification, we join an illustrious group of accredited brokers with a global reach. As the leader “in developing standards for efficient, effective and ethical business aircraft transactions”, this creates a reliably transparent marketplace for aircraft buyers, sellers and brokers. With an agreed-upon professional standard and ethics, this association seeks to increase business aircraft ownership throughout the world.


Contact Us

With offices now in Nashville, Houston and Atlanta, and our headquarters still in Tulsa, we are privileged to speak to fellow aircraft aficionados all over the country. While always reachable, you might be hard-pressed to find our sales team simply sitting around their offices. We enjoy reaching out and maintaining those relationships fostered since 1983.

We are a group of sales professionals who love aircraft and the freedom they offer. When you are looking to purchase or sell an aircraft, we would love to help guide you through the process. Let us know how our team can help you. We look forward to talking about your ideal aircraft and fostering that relationship for years to come.

Happy flying!

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