Mallory Cantrell | August 29, 2020

There is No “I” in Team

There is No “I” in Team

When it comes to aircraft sales and aviation in general, no one individual can be an expert in every aspect. This industry employs some of the brightest minds the world has to offer. However, it takes a team of professionals, each an expert in their own field, to navigate all aspects of an aircraft undertaking. The journey through an aircraft sale or purchase requires a multitude of tools.

One of the most valuable tools is having a fully committed team as your backdrop. Buyers and sellers get to know their broker and rightfully assume they are the authority on all aspects of aviation. This is all well and good but how well a transaction progresses is largely dependent on the sources of information that broker presents. Brokering an aircraft takes a dedicated team that is truly committed and delivers consistent victory. Don’t forget, Michael Jordan never won a single NBA title without the help of Scotty Pippen or Phil Jackson.

One of the more important time savings tools to the aircraft broker, that eventually trickles down to the aircraft owner, is having both professional research and marketing departments at their disposal.  You bet I know these markets like the back of my hand. I’ve spent countless hours studying the data that the research department provides.  Most brokers will tell you that these research and marketing individuals are the unsung heroes of the aircraft sales business. Less time spent compiling data or working on marketing material is more time spent hammering out favorable terms for their clients.  Without these valuable team members, no aircraft broker is complete.

The research and the marketing departments make everyone look good, but it’s the maintenance department that has the real potential to put money back into the client’s pocket. Having a competent and dedicated maintenance leader is a crucial component of any aircraft sales team. Anyone that has been on either side of a prebuy inspection will agree. Just like a cut man repairs a fighter between rounds, the Director of Maintenance can identify which inspections are coming due or even past due, which components are unairworthy, and more importantly, which ones are not unairworthy. Through their knowledge and experience, they have the ability to turn what might have been an unfavorable inspection or prebuy into a more palatable occurrence. This individual is just one more example of an indispensable team member.

What team have you hired to represent you in your next aircraft transaction? I do not see myself as a hammer, but rather a swiss army knife. I have a player on my team for every challenge I may face. From top to bottom, every aircraft transaction deserves to be represented by a multitude of experts. Without this level of teamwork, the door is left open for missed opportunity and loss. As an aircraft broker, having a village at my disposal has been invaluable! From maintenance to marketing, upper management, and even line service, these are all key ingredients that blend for a top-shelf aircraft sales experience.  There is no “I” in team, and a team is exactly what the aircraft owner deserves.


Ryan Linn – Vice President of Aircraft Sales

Those who know Ryan know his longtime passion for planes. As a matter of fact, Ryan soloed his first aircraft before receiving his driver’s license at age 16. Today, he holds multiple jet type ratings (LRJET, CL604 and B737) and is responsible for aircraft sales, brokerage, acquisitions, market analysis, data research and special projects. Ryan puts client needs first, always respecting time and understanding the importance of investments. Outside the world of aviation, Ryan enjoys spending time with his wife and two children. He also enjoys heading out to the golf course as often as possible. | (916) 753-4797

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