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Overview of the G550

Overview of the G550


“This land is your land, this land is my land”

From California to the New York Island

From the Redwood Forest to the Gulfstream waters

This land was made for you and me.” – Woody Guthrie

While Woody might not have been extolling the virtues of the Gulfstream jet, we can assume that it was only because Woody never got to ride in one. After being certified by the FAA in 2003, this became one of the crown jewels in the General Dynamics Gulfstream Aerospace division. There are now over 600 G550s in service by governments, companies and private citizens throughout the world.

Gulfstream 550

G550 aircraft

Omni Aircraft Sales currently has a G550 in its inventory. While a new G550 is listed at $62 million, it makes sense to consider a pre-owned option as acquisition can be accomplished for significantly less. Omni Aircraft Sales has this particular aircraft aggressively priced to sell relative to buying new. Especially when it comes to such a meticulously kept service history and one that recently completed its 96-month inspection, as this one has. And when you add the amenities offered by the Honeywell avionics package, it’s priced to fly off today.

The lure and mystique of the G550 is unquestionable.  So too are fresh upgrades offered in this G550 with a recent upgrade for its CPDLC (Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications) and the addition of SwiftBroadband secure satellite based internet service.  Not only does SwiftBroadband improve flight operations, it allows passengers full-spectrum access to Wi-Fi, email, text, video streaming and mobile phone connectivity. This turns any flight into a flying office—or a flying movie theater. Business or pleasure?

The travel range for this exemplary aircraft exceeds many of its rivals by offering a range of 7,500 nautical miles. The impressive range of the G550 opens up the continent of North America and transatlantic flights to the quick access of private jet ownership. And with the cruising speed of Mach .85, it makes getting about as speedy as possible and just short of flying military aircraft for the military.

Interior Features
But the question is, “With the luxury of a G550, why would you want to get there in a hurry?” Speed and range is not what draws CEOs and A-List celebrities to the G550. It’s because it’s one of the nicest and most luxurious flying experiences obtainable.

This particular model has a passenger layout fit for 16 persons, an aft galley with a high-temperature oven, coffee maker and ample storage, two convenient located lavatories forward and aft, with executive seating and divans located strategically in the forward and aft cabin configurations. The luxurious accommodations are accented with tasteful wood accents and a modern, sleek interior.

Added features include a convenience galley touch screen monitor, Securaplane 500 Security System, and a media player with Airshow 4000.

Space to Move 

G550 Aircraft

The G550 has room for you and your guests to stretch out. With over 7’ of width and over 6’ of cabin height, the G550 has a surprising amount of room to stretch and relax or conduct important meetings. And with over 220 cubic feet of baggage space and an available payload of 2,500 pounds, you may be able to bring your whole executive board along for the ride!

All this rests on a 2012 airframe with only 3,050 hours and 1,228 cycles.

Pilots will appreciate the ADS-B Out (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) to keep this plane on track for integration in NextGen (Next Generation Air Transportation System) compliance. The G550 also has the updated TCAS 7.1 (Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System).

Added Incentives
Additional incentives are the accompanying plans this aircraft is enrolled in so this investment’s longevity will soar. It is currently enrolled in Honeywell Avionics Protection Plan (HAPP), and on the Mechanical Protection Plan (MPP). This aircraft can also be delivered with its BR710C4-11 Rolls-Royce engines enrolled on Rolls-Royce CorporateCare.

This aircraft’s last inspection was done at Gulfstream’s facility in Savannah, Georgia. Omni Aircraft Sales takes appropriate steps as a regular course of business for due diligence befitting of a major purchase like an aircraft.

The benefit of such a meticulously kept and documented aircraft results in increased value for Omni Aircraft Sales’ customers. Aircraft of this caliber are usually priced based on hours and cycles. This aircraft has so many added extras, there is added value the price does not reflect.  You can feel confident buying with Omni Aircraft Sales, as we provide a dedication to maintenance and thorough inspections.

When you buy an aircraft, it makes sound financial sense to seek out a pre-owned aircraft with as much attention paid to its history as this G550 has. Buying pre-owned just makes better sense than buying new, not only to your ledger but also to any Board of Directors, shareholders or spouse you may have to answer to.

When you are ready to acquire this gorgeous G550 or just start the conversation, please contact one of Omni Aircraft Sales’ experienced sales professionals.

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