Mallory Libex | April 3, 2021

The First Time Seller

It was almost one year ago this month that I first sat down to write the inaugural AEI article. At that time, the world was confused and holding a collective breath. No one seemed to know what the future may hold, especially for the corporate jet industry. The predictions of the future were ominous and did not paint a good picture for corporate aviation. However, during that same time, the phone continued to ring with buyers wanting to enter the corporate jet markets for the first time. People who still needed to travel but did not want to be crowded onto a packed airliner stepped into the corporate jet world for the first time. Some took one look and realized quickly that the cost of entry is just the beginning, while others embraced the cost and became infatuated with the freedom and experience that a corporate jet provides. Some of these “first-time buyers” knew exactly what they were getting into and were well-educated, while others soon learned that the complexity and cost of corporate jet ownership were not as they thought. Looking ahead to what the next 12 months may hold, it is becoming clear that some of these first-time buyers have decided that aircraft ownership may not have been for them. These new aircraft sellers will now be entering yet another complex world.

Once these new sellers make the decision to enter the preowned aircraft markets, going it alone is simply not an option. If they made the mistake of not hiring a broker to assist in buying the plane, or maybe they hired the wrong broker, then making the same mistake twice could make their situation even worse. These pre-owned markets are filled with seasoned veterans that know their aircraft and the markets like the back of their hands. Keeping up with price changes, equipment updates, and true market value is simply too much for the novice who is a seller for the first time. For the new seller to have success, they need someone in their corner explaining the aircraft sales process each step of the way. These sellers need a professional armed with data and a plan. Simply taking iPhone photos and posting them to Controller is not a plan. If a new seller intends to maximize the value of their aircraft, they need adequate and trustworthy guidance.

I truly applaud the moxie and courage of these first-time buyers, especially in the financial climate of 12 months ago. They decided to not be held back by an unfortunate situation, but rather make that situation better. If these new buyers find themselves on the seller’s side, they should attack it with this same style. Step one should be to use that same energy and determination to hire a professional broker who knows how to sell their aircraft and who has their best interest in mind. Since the last few months of 2020, the pre-owned aircraft markets have started to really heat up. Inventory for sale in most major markets has come down and new entries are being looked at closely. Putting your best foot forward from the beginning could make all the difference in turning a 2020 aircraft purchase into a 2021 aircraft sale.


Ryan Linn – Vice President of Aircraft Sales

Those who know Ryan know his longtime passion for planes. As a matter of fact, Ryan soloed his first aircraft before receiving his driver’s license at age 16. Today, he holds multiple jet-type ratings (LRJET, CL604 and B737) and is responsible for aircraft sales, brokerage, acquisitions, market analysis, data research and special projects. Ryan puts client needs first, always respecting time and understanding the importance of investments. Outside the world of aviation, Ryan enjoys spending time with his wife and two children. He also enjoys heading out to the golf course as often as possible. | (916) 753-4797

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