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Ethics and Values: The Omni Aircraft Sales Way

Ethics and Values: The Omni Aircraft Sales Way

Omni Aircraft Sales commits itself  to service and transparency in everything we do. Buying or selling an airplane is more than a transaction — it’s a partnership.

One way we demonstrate our high standards and industry expertise is through our International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) membership. IADA accredited dealers must pass a rigorous accreditation process every three years. Only 7% of all aircraft dealers have earned IADA membership.

Additionally, the group is responsible for 40% of pre-owned aircraft sales. In fact, IADA member dealers buy and sell more aircraft by dollar volume than the rest of the world’s dealers combined.

Inclusion into this selective organization means we also adopted the IADA’s Code of Ethics. These standards ensure that every transaction proceeds with integrity and professionalism.

Our primary goal is to deliver customer service that exceeds expectations. Our guiding values keep us focused on the customer experience through every step of the acquisition process. We want our customers to buy and sell their personal or business aircraft  with confidence.

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Needs Assessment: A Proactive Aircraft Search
We begin the acquisition process with a Needs Assessment. This allows us to anticipate the type of aircraft that will serve you best. Our brokers will confirm your target budget, operating cost, annual fixed cost, travel range, passenger loads and schedule. This proactive step helps us narrow the field to find the perfect aircraft for you or your business.  We continually strive to anticipate your needs.

Aircraft Search: Quality is Key

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Quality is paramount to the Omni Aircraft Sales team. We use a variety of sources to identify the optimal aircraft. Our network of industry contacts, online searches and off-market resources help us find quality aircraft that meet your search parameters.

As we identify potential acquisition targets, every aircraft receives in-house technical and quality evaluations. Our decades of experience allow us to see things that other brokers don’t look for. Our dedicated Director of Maintenance, Caleb Benner, oversees every transaction. We believe our attention to detail will serve our customers for years to come.

Purchase Offer: Integrity & Transparency
The purchase offer is a critical step in the acquisition process. Omni Aircraft Sales brokers rely on their decades of industry experience to guide your offer. As they work with you to determine optimum acquisition pricing, they will advise you with the utmost integrity and transparency. Our brokers adhere to our Code of Ethics as we submit formal offers. We believe our integrity and transparency set us apart from other aircraft brokers.

Pre-Buy Inspection: We Go Above & Beyond to Serve Our Customers
The Pre-Buy Inspection Process is one way we go above and beyond for our customers.  When you work with Omni Aircraft Sales, we will coordinate all manufacturer-required inspections before we move to the next phase of the acquisition process. We work with the appropriate maintenance facilities to determine the schedule, scope and cost associated with any repairs. Ultimately, we want to reduce going-in maintenance costs for our customers and make sure that all major repair items are covered at the seller’s expense. Going “above and beyond” is one way we elevate the customer experience.

Aircraft Acceptance: Safety is a Top Priority
With aircraft acceptance, we ensure our inspection satisfies any and all discrepancies. Our brokers also make sure that the aircraft is in acceptable condition to proceed to closing.

Safety is a top priority for Omni Aircraft Sales. Together, with our sister organization, Omni Air Transport, our fleet holds the top 1% of all flight safety accreditations. Thorough inspections are one way we help ensure the safety of our clients.

Pre-Closing & Delivery: Act With Energy & Urgency

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In pre-closing, we coordinate through escrow all required FAA filings and required documentation associated with the aircraft purchase and transfer of ownership. We also coordinate aircraft pick-up or delivery, depending on aircrew logistics. Additionally, we manage all engine and avionics program transfers, along with any requested ownership/operations support services.

There are a number of clerical and logistical arrangements that must be made to close on your aircraft. We strive to work with energy and urgency to complete all of these necessary steps. Our team works hard to take care of all of the details.

Buy or Sell with Confidence
When you partner with Omni Aircraft Sales, you can buy or sell with confidence. Our team of experienced professionals will evaluate your needs to find the aircraft that will serve you for years to come. Each step of our acquisition process follows our Code of Ethics and company values. Whether you are looking to buy, sell or trade, we deliver customer service that exceeds expectations.

Learn more about the long-term benefits of aircraft ownership by calling (918) 836-4050.

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