Mallory Cantrell | January 26, 2021

Dear Omni: Did I miss the boat?

Dear Omni: I have been hearing from many of my friends that there was a rush of aircraft being sold last quarter. Did I wait too long and miss all of the good buyers?


Dear “Tardy”:

You certainly heard right – in the fourth quarter of 2020, there was a very large resurgence of sales. With more than 550 transactions handled by IADA brokers alone, everyone in the community was busier than ever trying to match buyers and sellers to the right aircraft. This is typical for the end of any year and although 2020 was quite the exception to all normal rules, this surge was a welcome one. Now to your question.

First,  we always advise sellers that the best time to put their aircraft on the market is NOW. Aircraft are depreciating assets and every month that you delay is another month of that depreciation, another month of fluctuating market conditions, and another month for the economic outlook to shift.

Second, no, you did not wait too long. The first quarter does bring a slowdown in purchase inquiries, but it also brings a reduced stage for new aircraft to stand out. When working with a knowledgeable broker who understands how to bring your specific aircraft to the market, the first quarter can be an exciting time. True, you may see less activity overall, but the buyers are more prepared to make authentic, sensible offers that are more likely to result in a sale.

If you think you are ready to sell, let us help you find the best solution to market your aircraft and find your ideal buyer.

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