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OAS Aircraft Services: Custom Build Trends and Options

OAS Aircraft Services: Custom Build Trends and Options

Part art and part science, the interior design of a private jet must balance style, comfort and function. Every feature must meet exact safety standards and every piece of furniture must exude luxury and sophistication.

Bar tops, bathrooms and dining tables need to be slimmed down to meet weight requirements without sacrificing aesthetics. Bespoke interiors, high-tech media suites and eye-catching exteriors are all designed to reflect the interests and tastes of the jet’s owners.

As we look to take control of our travel, the timing may be right to start thinking about aircraft acquisition.

Private jet charter companies report a 25 percent increase in bookings and a 300 percent increase in first-time private aviation customers, according to the Robb Report. It’s evident that interest in private aviation is soaring.

This renewed interest in private air travel bodes well for aircraft owners who look to maximize their investment and recoup operating costs through charter revenue.

As buyers evaluate planes for acquisition, it’s easy to overlook planes that don’t reflect their personal style.

However, it is relatively simple and relatively inexpensive to modify an aircraft to suit your needs and preferences. Just as our homes are a reflection of who we are, so too, are our jets. The sky’s the limit when it comes to customization.

Today’s interior designers are bringing modern color pallets, supple leather trimmings and theater-style entertainment to aircraft interiors.

Sleek Shapes & Minimalist Design

Business Jet Interiors International reports that trends are moving toward organic shapes, sleek curves and minimalistic design. Wooden-style flooring is replacing the carpet in entrance and galley areas. Contrasting flooring textures bring drama to cabin interiors.

Advances in hard surface materials make it possible to mimic hardwoods and even stone. These lightweight alternatives look nearly identical to materials found in living spaces on the ground. Warm grays, organic textures and open-grain veneers add warmth and interest to jet interiors.

Sustainable Materials
The use of sustainable materials in aircraft interiors is on the rise. Designers seek out eco-friendly architectural materials and products that pass certification requirements. There is a growing demand for renewable and biodegradable bio-based materials. Industry experts predict recycled plastics will also be used more frequently as concern for the environment continues to grow.

Multifunctional Spaces & Furniture
Current private jet designs and reconfigurations feature multifunctional spaces and furniture. Seats turn into beds and dining tables double as desks when space is at a premium. However, these new furniture designs are not the bulky multi-purpose pieces of the past. Today’s seat designs are sleek and highly-customizable. Touch-screen controls and adjustable head and footrests make it possible to adapt to individual preferences.

Removable privacy walls and clear bulkheads can be configured to give passengers privacy or to create open, unobstructed views of the cabin. Open interiors and mood lighting make the aircraft cabin feel spacious and light.

Modular Layouts for Aircraft Cabins
New modular layouts make it possible to adapt the aircraft for different owners or different occasions. Layouts can be created to feature a lounge, dining room and conference area. Configurations are almost as limitless as your imagination. A private office can double as a children’s bedroom,  a primary bedroom can pair with an en-suite steam shower. How much can you imagine?

Media suites outfitted with theatre-style recliners, 75-inch high-definition televisions and surround sound systems offer premium inflight entertainment. Whether you are traveling for work or play,  make the most of your time in the air.

Interactive Technology

Private jets are increasingly tech-savvy with equipment upgrades and interactive technology. High-speed internet and Wi-Fi make it possible to host meetings, check emails and stream the latest movie. Richard Branson’s worldwide internet service is poised to deliver reliable access to the internet from anywhere in the world beginning in 2021.

Interactive technology means passengers can adjust window shades, lighting, temperature and multi-use HD screens with the touch of a button.

Eye-Catching Exteriors
With so much thought and care given to the inside of the aircraft, it seems only natural that jet owners would extend that same consideration to the exterior of their jet. An increasing number of professional sports teams, corporations and individual owners paint their planes. Some owners choose bold designs that reflect their personal tastes while others use corporate color pallets and brand logos to give their jet a distinctive look.

But aircraft painting is not just about looks. Professionally applied paint helps you make a memorable first impression and  with resale value. Paint protects the plane’s exterior and increases the longevity of the plane.

Updates for Sellers
If you are an owner looking to sell, even minor changes can help attract potential buyers. A cabin refresh can be a wise investment when updates are completed by a reputable paint or interior company. Interior and exterior paint updates can greatly impact resale value.

Some modifications may not require you to replace existing furniture. Instead of replacing fabric interiors, for example, you may be able to dye upholstery to update your interior.

Alternatively, some sellers will include a cabin refresh with the purchase price. Buyers can then select the colors and fabrics they prefer.

Omni Aircraft Sales
When you partner with Omni, we help you identify any repairs, changes or updates you would like to make as you buy or sell your private aircraft. Our experienced team guides you to reputable interior designers and paint companies. We also help you determine the timeline and cost of potential modifications.

Working with an experienced team ensures your plane’s interior and exterior reflect your high standards. Learn more about the long-term benefits of aircraft ownership by calling 24/7 at (918) 836-4050.

Read more about our Acquisition Process here.

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