Mallory Cantrell | June 30, 2020

A Conversation With an Omni Aircraft Sales Broker – Ryan Linn

A Conversation With an Omni Aircraft Sales Broker – Ryan Linn


What led you to become an aircraft broker?

I love every aspect of aviation. From a pilot to a broker, I enjoy this business sector.

How long have you been in the business?

21 years.

What was the first aircraft you sold?

In 2000, I sold a Cessna 150 that I owned and used for flight training while I was in high school.

What is your favorite business jet and why?

For me, it’s hard not to love the Learjet 24. It was an incredible machine to both fly and broker. This is the aircraft that gave me my start in business aviation.

What is one of your favorite transactions?

The King Air 350 that we bought from the State of Oklahoma was very exciting and required us to think outside the box. There is always a path to success for you and your client. However, sometimes it is not on a piece of paper or in some manual. You must be willing and able to think outside the box and be flexible.

What questions would you ask a potential aircraft broker?

How do you feel about being available 24/7? A great aircraft broker doesn’t make their own schedule. The clients do.

What do you think makes a good aircraft broker?

Honesty, consistency, and reliability.

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